Open Air Antiques

Drop by to see us at the Christie Antique and Vintage Show on May 25, 2019

About Us

 Open Air Antiques evolved from our passion for seeking out antique furniture and by restoring it when needed and at the same time keeping every piece in their original form. 
 Robert was raised in an old Victorian home near Bradford and was taught at a very young age to appreciate antiques. Together we melded our passion for antiques and in 2009 we decided to furnish our home with antique pieces. It did not take long for our home to be full but the “antique bug” remained strong. We moved to Puslinch in 2016 and decided to pursue our dream of owning an antique shop. We do hope you enjoy browsing through the Open Air Antiques website and viewing our unique treasures which range from vintage to antique furniture, English porcelain, vintage farming implements, tableware, porcelain, oil lamps, glassware and so much more. Open Air Antiques is located in Puslinch, Ontario. To view any of our pieces, please feel free to contact us at 519-835-7739 or by email at